The Wine Glass DOES Make a Difference

In wine-tasting circles, the wine glass you choose is almost as important to the wine drinking experience as the wine itself!

From the shape and size of the bowl to the thickness of the rim, the design of the glass is long renowned for having the ability to either enhance or ruin a wine’s bouquet, taste and balance.

Our 22-ounce Boudreaux glass is tall with a broad bowl. It is designed for full-bodied red wines like our Petite Syrah because it helps to direct the wine to the back of the mouth, which helps to maximize its flavor.

The broad bowl allows the wine’s vapors to open and carry their compounds to your nose. These aromatic compounds are responsible for producing the vast majority of flavors in wine. In addition, the wider wine glass body helps make the wine taste smoother.

There are many good articles on how to choose the right wine glass for all of your needs. Here a few of our favorites.

Egészségedre! (egész‧sé‧ged‧re) A Hungarian expression that wishes you good wishes, in particular, good wishes before drinking.

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