Wine Etiquette 101 with Sándor Vineyards

Wine etiquette can be useful in many situations, especially when you are at a restaurant and want to impress your guests! Here are a few hints to help you handle the situation like a pro!

When your waiter brings your bottle to the table and opens it, they will likely hand you the cork and pour a small amount of wine into your glass.

This tradition comes from the pre-prohibition days, when the bottle you ordered might have been refilled with some other cheaper wine.

Uncorking the bottle at your table and handing you the cork allows you to verify that the wine you ordered contains the vineyard’s makers stamp and that it is in fact what you ordered.

When the waiter hands you the cork smell it. If the cork smells damp and musty then send it back because it is probably ‘corked’ and has gone bad.

Next, the waiter will pour a small amount of wine in your glass for you to taste test. Here are four easy steps to follow.

  1. Look at the wine. Doing so will help determine if its color is correct. Red wine should range in color from deep purple to brick red. White wines from lemon gold to golden amber.
  2. Swirl the wine. Swirling the wine in your glass aerates it. This helps to draw more flavor from the wine. Hold the glass by the base of the stem with your index finger and thumb. Now pretend you are drawing small circles with it on the tabletop.
  3. Smell the wine. Even though you have already smelled the cork, smelling the wine adds another dimension and helps to get your taste buds primed. Put your nose in the glass and take a breathe. If it smells like a musty basement, wet cardboard, or vinegar, it has turned.
  4. Taste the wine. This is the final step in the wine tasting etiquette process. Fill your mouth about half full and subtly swish the wine around. If it tastes good then you are all set to enjoy it! If it doesn’t taste good, let the waiter know and ask for another bottle or perhaps a completely different choice from their wine list.

Now that you have assessed the wine for any irregularities, learned how to sniff and taste test it, the next step is drinking and enjoying it with your guests!

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