Paying Tribute to Our Heritage

Sándor Vineyards’ rich history in wine making dates back to its namesake, Sándor Rajki who was born in 1935 in Celldömölk Hungary. Sándor Rajki is John and Karen Kovacs (owners of Sandor Vineyards) uncle.

Uncle Sándor’s home town of Celldömölk is located in the eastern part of Vas County, Hungary. In 1996, Uncle Sándor fulfilled one of his dreams and started Rajki Vineyards in his hometown of Celldömölk.

Vas County is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Hungary.

Some say that the Romans introduced the art to the area, others that it began even earlier with the Celts. Certainly by the 3rd century AD, especially in the Pannonia hills, wine production had become very well established and numerous artifacts have been found to back this up.

A visit to Vas County is a must for any wine enthusiast, not only for the splendid and often rare wines, but also for the atmosphere of a tradition that dates back centuries.

Wine is found everywhere in Vas County, from the quaint thatched wine presses that dot the countryside around Oszkó, to the Wine Museum and Gallery in the picturesque town of Kőszeg.

A perfect way to visit to Vas County vineyards is along the Kőszeg-Vashegy Wine Road where you can stop off in a traditional wine cellar and sampling some of the local vintages. While enjoying these delights visitors can also appreciate the truly superb scenery of the Kőszeg hills, the Írottko Natural Park and the Pinka valley, the quaint villages around Oszkó and the majestic grandeur of the Kőszeg castle.

Sándor Vineyards is proud of its heritage and the Kovacs are dedicated to carry on their Uncle’s tradition of producing quality wine as they pay homage to the man that inspired them to blend ‘Old World values’ with ‘New World vision.’

Egészségedre! (Hungarian toast that expresses good wishes, in particular, good wishes before drinking)

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