Meet our New Wine Varietal!

Look at John Kovacs (Sándor Vineyards’ owner) face! He is super happy because we just harvested 4 tons of our new Mourvédre grapes last week.

Technically this is not our first harvest of these grapes. We planted the vines in 2012 and last year, we sold the entire crop to a local producer. The producer used them for blending with other wine varietals and grape juice.

Now that the grapes have had a first crop, we wanted to take this second crop our best and transform them into Sándor’s new Mourvédre wine.

The grapes went to the crusher a few days ago where they are getting ready for the barrels. They will stay the barrels for 12 to 15 months.

We hope to have the wine ready for sale by fall or winter 2019.

Mourvédre is a late ripening; darkly colored skinned berry that produces long, conical shaped bunches. The grape reaches its best level of ripeness in warm, sunny, dry and even hot climates like that found at Sándor Vineyards.

Mourvédre is a full-bodied red wine. It has a deep, rich, fresh, spicy character and pairs perfectly with slow braised, grilled and stewed meats. Often the smell of Mourvédre is an explosion of dark fruit, flowers like violet and herbaceous aromas of black pepper, thyme, and red meat.

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